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We LOVE Flandus - normanreedusitalia: OMHFG!!!Norman for GQ! …
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This Page is ded­i­cat­ed to the coolest, fun­ni­est, great­est and sex­i­est men on this plan­et :
Because, …

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Let the fun begin! (Cookiiez91’s pics)

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A poster of my favorite star Norman Reedus.
Appear in the Oct. 2013 (Vol. 184) , poster of Japanese movie mag “Movie Star.”

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night of the Templar…… 

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Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus for zuzzolek

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» Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it. 

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"It’s just this fat, black alley cat. My son wanted a black kitten when he was a kid, and I found it in the East Village in some rescue shelter, but it was born in a box and the guy that was getting rid of it was like, "You don’t want this cat. This cat’s never gonna love anyone." And the first time I saw it, it was like just hissing and scratching everything it saw and now it’s like this big, fat, chill cat." - Norman Reedus